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We are a premium web hosting service that aims to make life easier for small business. One of the main performance bottlenecks observed in conducting business on the web is difficulty with hosting services.

Has your business ever fallen victim to website downtime, time wasted dealing with complicated host management tools, synchronizing FTP details for multiple clients or DNS issues?

Kingston Hosting aims to rid Australian small businesses of these problems. We want to make hosting simple and streamlined. Hosting that you do not have to worry about. Below is a list of the many features Kingston Hosting offers:

  • Sustainable hosting - we offset CO2 emissions from energy required to power and cool our server's in Seattle and New York City.
  • Stability from Linux Servers - we offer you the most stable and robust operating system available
  • Reliable - we have the highest possible uptime due to cutting edge hardware, regularly updates and professional server administration
  • Feature Rich - we have server-side support for many feature sets that are unsupported by many webhosts. These add-ons like ImageMagick, FFMPEG, Memcache, Git enable more functionality to the developers.
  • Faster Development - if you intend to work with Kingston Development, having full control over the web server environment through the Kingston Group allows for speedier development.
  • Multiple Domains - host multiple domains that all point to the same site
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Unlimited email accounts - you have the control to setup and edit email accounts
  • Control Panel - you can change settings if you like!
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FTP access - you can store documents and images on your server
  • Use your own mail server - if you use Microsoft Exchange Server or another in-office mail solution, we can handle it!
  • Supports SSL - conduct e-Commerce transactions from your own site
  • Backups - you can download a backup your site and database as regularly as you like or setup a regular backup to be sent to your inbox on a weekly basis. In any case, we'll take a full server backup once a week and store it offsite.

As with our development business we strive to keep prices at a minimum. We offer highly competitive prices for four separate hosting plans.

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Kingston Hosting

How To Get Started

Please contact us by emailing or calling (03) 9645 1887 to discuss how you could benefit from improved website performance and lower website hosting costs.

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