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Can you live on $2.00 a day ?


GPP Australia has just launched a new campaign challenging people to live on $2.00 a day.  Check it out.. 

New Zealand GPP Supporters can sign up and join in -  but please CHOOSE to support  GLOBAL POVERTY PROJECT (Poverty Education Programme in Australia), and then any money raised from NZ  will come back to our GPP New Zealand office and help us continue to deliver the ...1.4 billion reasons Presentation around our own country.       GPP NZ will launch this campaign on a nationwide scale in 2011 but we can begin our involvement now by joining in with Australia. 

There’s not much you can do with $2. In fact, you can’t even buy a beer, a burger, or a bus ticket. Shockingly, the 1.4 billion people currently living below the Extreme Poverty Line survive on this small amount every day.

Internationally, the Extreme Poverty Line is defined as US$1.25 a day – the equivalent of $2 in Australia. 1.4 billion people in our world live below this line – lacking the basic choices and opportunities that most Australians take for granted. By living on $2 of food a day, you’ll help Australians understand the obstacles faced by those currently living in extreme poverty

LIVE BELOW THE LINE -    go to :


Join to Live Below the Line


Posted by Luisa Schroder, GPP NZ Country Manager in for column GPP - New Zealand on Jun 15th 2010, 08:06

New Zealand Presenters in training


I just had 10 days away with Australian GPP Trainer, d'Arcy Lunn as we met with a bunch of amazing people who began their training to present the "1.4 billion reasons" Presentation across New Zealand.  I spent time with the GPP Volunteer Teams in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin as we were involved with the Fairtrade Fortnight Presentations - so great to be with them again.      It was so exciting to hear inspirational stories about different ways everyday NZers are doing their bit to help end extreme poverty.  The amazing team at P3 Foundation are an example of this as they held their inaugural "Pay Fairtrade Forward" campaign.  Keep your eye on them as they are one innovative bunch of young people who were inspired after the launch of the GPP last year.  Check them out :

If you would be interested in hosting GPP's "1.4 billion reasons" Presentation later in the year, then email me to register ...

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Support Fairtrade Fortnight in May in NZ


Fair Trade Fortnight is New Zealand's biggest annual celebration of all things fair trade!

With events, activities and promotions happening across the country, the Fortnight gives each of us the opportunity to celebrate and recognise the life-changing difference fair trade makes for millions of developing country farmers, their families and communities.

As part of Fair Trade Fortnight 2010, Kiwis are being urged to make The Big Swap!
Making the swap to fair trade is simple but it can help make a big difference for developing country farmers by giving them access to fair prices and money to invest in everyday things for their communities such as education and healthcare.
So this Fair Trade Fortnight, whether it’s your daily caffeine fix, afternoon cuppa, chocolate treat or even when buying a gift – make the swap to fair trade and you can help create a better and brighter future farmers and their families around the globe.

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Follow Hugh and GPP in New York


This is going to be fun.... follow Hugh as he takes the GPP to New York.

Check it out .....

Posted by Luisa Schroder, GPP NZ Manager in for column GPP - New Zealand on Mar 10th 2010, 15:11

NZ GPP Partner attends UK Launch


New Zealand GPP Supporter, Phil Sunderland is in London on business and managed to attend the launch at St Paul's Cathedral.  Phil is the Director of QBrand Agency in Christchurch and was a key Partner for the GPP Launch in his city in 2009.   Phil said that not only was the venue spectacular, but the crowd of about 600 was totally 'engaged' and Hugh was as brilliant as ever.  

"Nice to see the same passion on the other side of the world. The unity was as inspiring as the venue...What a great event to be part of -  I'm totally motivated again as to what we can do   -   what I CAN DO   - to eradicate extreme poverty in our lifetime! said Phil."


Posted by Luisa Schroder, GPP NZ Manager in for column GPP - New Zealand on Mar 5th 2010, 12:34