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Development Success Story: Trickle Up Mali


We’re fans of micro-enterprise at the Global Poverty Project, and we’re also suckers for a good story.

That’s why we were so keen to blog about this video from the NGO Trickle Up. To quote straight from their site:
"Trickle Up works in Africa, Asia and Central America, reaching people who live on less than $1.25 a day. We work closely with local partner agencies to implement our model in order to provide the very poorest people with the right resources to help them start a microenterprise to improve their families’ quality of life."
The important thing in a story like this – apart from letting people tell their own stories in their words – is that it’s not enough to just hand out money and assume that everything will be ok.
Microfinance works best when it incorporates support schemes that work alongside locals to develop their understanding of business, and support them through the ups and downs that all businesses have – especially small ones.
And, as we remember that microfinance needs to be connected to the community, we’ve also got to remember that it’s not a silver bullet to poverty. Just as in our communities there are more and less entrepreneurial people, there are some people who you’d want to loan money to and others you wouldn’t – the same is true in the world’s poorest communities.
Microfinance can make a difference to individuals and families, it’s part of the mix that can enable a community to lift itself out of poverty – and this video is a reminder of how donations that you make can enable people to do amazing things.



28/05/10 12:15am - Posted By Jeremy Picone - Reply to this comment
We're fans of micro-enterprise at RESULTS Australia, too! Microfinance is a fantastic tool for people to work their own way out of poverty. The lobbying of RESULTS Australia has resulted in microfinance having a more significant place in the Australian aid program than it did (funding for this will now double over the next year to $20 million) though it is still not reaching enough people in our region. Your voice can be a part of extending this empowering tool to many more people - visit

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