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Aussie TV challenges you to Live Below the Line

Global Poverty Project Australia Board Member and Australian of the Year Simon McKeon was on Sunrise on Monday, challenging Australians - and people all over the world to get involved in Live Below the Line.
Watch it above, and sign up below:
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18/04/11 11:22pm - Posted By Herbie - Reply to this comment
Where does the sponsorship money go? All the website talks about is the"presentation". A lot of talk, no actual doing anything about real poverty. Just making everyone feel better about themselves because they're supporting the global poverty project, which doesn't actually do anything, just talk. Paying the people who make the film and go out and do more talking. Not one person gets less hungry because some guy who is paid with our donations goes out and talks at a university.
19/04/11 9:03pm - Posted By Global Poverty Project - Reply to this comment
@Herbie - it depends on who you choose to fundraise for. In each country, there are a number of charities participating in Live Below the Line, and funds raised go to support whichever charity you pick.

If you pick the Global Poverty Project, money raised goes to support our education and campaigning work in the country you're fundraising in. The presentation - 1.4 Billion Reasons - is a tool that we use to inspire people to action, and amplify the actions of other charities. Taking your example of hunger - we know that the biggest difference to reducing world hunger will come from two things - reducing market volatility and distortions that cause food prices up, and supporting the world's poorest farmers to increase their productivity, by ensuring they have access to the right technology, information and resources to make the best sustainable use of their land.

Our ability to influence these things comes down to the choices we make as consumers and citizens through things like the products we buy (ie Fairtrade and ethically produced), the trade rules that our Government signs up to with others, and the investments that our charities and government make through aid.

These are the issues that we educate and campaign on - and for a very practical example of how it helps people, Cadbury's decision to go Fairtrade, for which we and our supporters along with many others advocated for years, ensured that 40,000 farmers in Ghana were better off thanks to the Fairtrade mark.

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