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Success Stories- An Introduction


“Yeah, but does it really make a difference?”

That’s the most often asked question that we get at presentations of 1.4 Billion Reasons. All of us want to support things that really work, but it’s hard to know what really changes. 

So, we’ve started a weekly blog to report back on success stories in fighting poverty, the grassroots projects, campaigns and policies that we feel are really working. Each week you’ll get a story – with video where possible – that looks at how poverty is being overcome in communities all around the world.

To help us do this, we want to find out what you think success really looks like. Respond to the poll below, pass it onto your friends, and we’ll focus in coming weeks on sharing examples that demonstrate success as you see it.

And, if you’ve got examples of things that you think really work, post a comment below with your suggestions, or email us at


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