Thank the Australian Government

The Australian Government has made two very important commitments recently. First, an increase in funding for a vaccination program that will combat child mortality, and second, a review of the effectiveness of Australia's foreign aid program. These commitments will have positive implications for the world's poorest people - so we'd like to say thank you, and keep up the good work!

Politicians are used to receiving messages when they make decisions we don't support. But it's not often they receive messages of thanks.

As we approach the end of a significant year in Australian politics, we'd like to acknowledge positive steps taken by the Australian Government, and show them that the public support investment in the world's poorest.

The commitments

We applaud the Government's announcement of $60 million of funding for the GAVI Alliance's vaccination program. This has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives, and prevent thousands of serious disabilities. We also welcome the Government's decision to review the effectiveness of Australia's Foreign Aid Program. This provides an opportunity to improve the structure and delivery of our foreign aid and ensure it enables long-term, sustainable economic development in developing countries.

Building on success

To reach global poverty reducing goals, we know we need to build on this year's commitments. So during 2011 we'll be working to ensure the Government increases support for effective investments - investments like vaccinations, health services and water and sanitation infrastructure - to ensure we increase progress towards the lagging Millennium Development Goals, particularly those focused on maternal and child health.

So, as we thank the Government for progress made in 2010, we'll also encourage them to increase investment in effective development initiatives in 2011. Please join us, and send the Government your own Christmas message.

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