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by Natalie from Sydney on 2009-10-14 05:14:02.

A short blog i wrote once discovering this project.

So, yesterday, i was sitting in my room, listening to my radio, whilst looking out the window at a sunny day and a lovely breakfast. The holidays are here, and Im sure allot of you are out to see the world, travel, eat, learn, hang out and know that youve got the resources in the world to do it. I was thinking that, until someone decided to come onto the radio and tell the world about poverty; about the kids as young as 5 who have to sit in dirt and try to find some scrap of a meal for the day. About how we have all we need, in fact we have more than we could ever need; how Australians are choking on their own obesity, buying every new iphone and ipod and gadget and gizmo, and that song and these shoes, consuming and consuming until we find that 'satisfaction' that we can't get enough of - meanwhile, that same child is sitting on the ground, disowned and starving. He's probaly facing his last month, last week, even his last day; simply because those who HAVE the resources are too busy to see the problem and help out. We're too busy working and buying and eating and sleeping to provide that kid with a $3 vaccination that could save his life. We have so much, and put so much into our own over-abundant lives; and yet we so easily turn away from the millions of people who don't. I guess its just as easy to start something. To start a change. to give up that one coffee and use the money to sponser the kid who wont live otherwise. so why dont we do anything? Why do we insist on looking away from what's all around us? because that which you see, you're held accountable for. Sitting in my room that morning, suddenly my breakfast, my holidays, and the birthdays and tv shows and clothes and websites seemed so unimportant. Suddenly, i was being held accountable for the lives of the poor. and the dying. and the lost. Because the truth is, i can help.

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