How-To Guides

To make it easier for you to fulfil your commitments, our team has put together these guides to assist you to take action!

Buy Fairtrade certified products

Fairtrade ensures that producers get a fair price.

There are many ways that you can begin to make more ethical choices in your consumption patterns. With the UK's growing fair trade market, it's easier than ever to make socially responsible decisions when purchasing. You can find fair trade alternatives to many everyday products. Chocolate, tea, coffee, balls for sport and clothes are just a few. There are even a number of fair trade cafes around the country to make coffee with your friends a world changing event.

How do I know which products are fair trade?
Keep an eye out for the official fair trade logo

Fair trade certified plantations must ensure that there is no forced or child labour and that health and safety requirements are met.

How should I start?

You can start buying fairtrade products by participating in the Big Swap.