How-To Guides

To make it easier for you to fulfil your commitments, our team has put together these guides to assist you to take action!

Organise a fundraising event

A great way to raise money to go towards ending poverty is to run an event.

This is a great way to make a contribution to fighting poverty - and it's not as daunting as you might think.  Organising a fundraising event can be tonnes of fun!

Where will your donation go

You first need to determine which organisation you will be donating your money to.  There are plenty of great organisations out there - check out our give page to find one! Before deciding, you may want to find out where you money will go, how it will be used and how much will be spent on administration.

The golden fundraising rule

The most effective way for you to raise funds through an event is to get lots of people to each make a small contribution.  It's all in the numbers!  It can be tempting to ask people to donate larger amounts based on the assumption that this will get you to your goal quicker.  However, getting people to donate larger amounts can be difficult and may turn people off your event.

If you get 50 people to an event each donating $10 each, that's a total of $500 whereas if you only get 10 people donating $25 each, that is half as much - $250.  So, the secret is keep the price affordable and get as many people as possible!

Set a goal

Use the formula above to set yourself a goal.  Write it down.  Tell people about it - doing so may motivate them to help you out.  People will take you seriously.  You may find the following goal formula helpful:

( number of people attending x donation ) + other fundraising ideas = goal

The "other fundraising ideas" could include raffle tickets that you sell at your event etc.

Promote, promote, promote

Once you've locked in a venue and confirmed the date, you need to go out and promote your event.  This is usually the step where most people fail.  One rule of thumb is that for every one hour you spend planning and organising your event (i.e. booking the venue, making the invitations, selling tickets etc), you need to spend at least four times that amount promoting it.

All your efforts will be for nothing if no-one comes to your event.  Start early, in fact, start as soon as the date and venue are confirmed.  Really try to get people to personally commit that they will come.  Don't just take their word for it.  Get them to RSVP.  Get them to purchase a ticket from you or hold one aside.


Finally, during the event, you should let people know where the money raised will be donated.  Try and tell them some stories to make it clear how their money will impact the lives of the world's poorest.