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Talk to friends and colleagues about poverty

Turn your conversation to poverty.

Some say that the number of words spoken by the average person is 17,000 per day. That's a lot, but perhaps we use many of those words conversing about work, coffee and how that person on the bus could really do with a mint. Words are one of those things that cost us nothing at all to produce, yet can have a profound impact on the listener. They can bring about hatred or be the most wonderful expression of love. They can create wars or revolutions. Words when lined beside each other form sentences and bring forth conversation.

Sometimes all it can take are some interesting facts to get interesting conversation happening. Did you know that according to the UN Millennium Development Project:

  • 2.6 billion people - a quarter of humanity - have never used a functioning toilet.
  • Every 30 seconds an African child dies of malaria—more than one million child deaths a year.
  • Every 3.6 seconds another person dies of starvation and the large majority are children under the age of 5.
  • Above 80% of farmers in Africa are women.
  • AIDS spreads twice as quickly among uneducated girls than among girls that have even some schooling.

Knowing your numbers is a secret to success and this goes not only in a business environment but in talking about poverty as well. Remember to always keep in mind that behind these statistics are faces and families - people just like us.

Knowing key statistics is a strong starting point, but now what? Sometimes all people want is to be moved by someone. Someone to let them know that yes, together we can create change. To be part of a global movement that mobilises them to contribute towards the eradication of extreme poverty. We are the first generation that can do this. Share what you've learned and what you're doing and hand in hand the Millennium Development Goals can be reached.

It's as simple as telling your colleagues to change their Facebook status to one of the statistics mentioned above or watching the world news with your friends and discussing what you've seen. Conversations change the world. Gatherings of people generate ideas and action.

So get talking!