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1.4 billion people on our planet live in extreme poverty. The Global Poverty Project seeks to invigorate the global movement to take effective concerted action on poverty through the presentation 1.4 billion reasons.

The Church Presentation

A church presentation of 1.4 billion reasons has been developed alongside the general presentation. The presentation takes Christian communities on a journey to learn about what extreme poverty is, why it must be eliminated, how it can be eliminated, and what individuals and groups can do in response to it.

The church presentation is framed around three key drivers for Christians: justice, hope and responsibility.

The presentation addresses key areas of concern such as disability, gender, governance, aid and trade, drawing on Scripture, past success stories and a number of case studies from the field that illustrate successes in development and in poverty alleviation.

Local action case studies feature everyday American's who reveal the role their faith plays in their commitment to the movement to end extreme poverty.

The church presentation has been developed with assistance from a dedicated research team, a number of expert advisors, and recommendations from a Christian advisory panel.

This project is inspiring.

Hugh Jackman
Australian actor and Global Advisory Panel Member.

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We're impressed particularly by the very practical approach towards mobilising communities and policy makers around the world so that they can take practical and measureable steps to combat poverty.

Achmat Dangor,
CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation

We strongly support this initiative.

Salil Shetty,
Director, United Nations Millennium Campaign